Welcome to Paynes Bee Farm Ltd. A fully commercial bee farm based in Sussex, England with over 1200 colonies of bees. We are able to supply all your needs, whether you are already a beekeeper and needing equipment or bees, someone interested in Beekeeping, or just loving the honey that they produce. Just visit our sites below or contact us too.

For all your beekeeping equipment needs, whether you are just starting beekeeping, already established in the hobby or even doing it professionally. Fully stocked with everything that you may need throughout the year.

Visit here for availability on colonies, nucs and Queens. A good choice available for any situation.

Whether you have a craving for the sweet stuff or wanting to know why Paynes Honey is so special, this is the place to go. Browse our full range of honey and beeswax products, as well as range of other nice goodies.